inPerson Conference

One of the most exciting products is inPerson Conferencing from Creative Technology Ltd.  This is a new breakthrough in video conferencing for one-on-one and small group meetings by enabling high-quality video and audio with the impact of actually being there, from the office or home.  We have several of these units in testing and the results are stunning.  The inPerson Conferencing device is designed to be portable, lightweight, wireless, and lower in cost than with past-generation video conferencing systems.  The inPerson device has a large 7 inch widescreen LCD with a 76° wide-angle lens and a high quality sensor for excellent low-light performance with built-in Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) audio.  inPerson units will be deployed to the various campuses allowing video conferencing capability between the University administration and the colleges. 


A recent flyer for the inPerson Conference system featured Pacific University.


Campus Wide Video Conferencing.  Providing video conferencing capabilities to and from every building on campus in a cost-effective manner is almost a reality.  Pacific continues to expand the use of the new inPerson Conferencing system for one-on-one and small group

meetings by enabling high-quality video and audio with the impact of actually being there.   As the campus-wide video conferencing initiative continues to roll out, new and exciting ideas for the use of inPerson units are emerging.  Student Affairs plans to use the inPerson units during the Hawaiian student registration in July, the World Language and Literature Department plans to implement the inPerson units for communications in two undergraduate courses during the 2008/2009 academic year with students in two countries halfway around the world, Pharmacy plans to send units to preceptorship sites to provide video conferencing capabilities to enhance academic exchanges during student rotations, and the Berglund Center plans to use video conferencing to and from the Far East.  inPerson units are available in Forest Grove, Hillsboro, Portland and Eugene campuses for students and faculty to use for recruiting, alumni relations and other school-related activities.  Pacific University is being recognized in a nation wide case study by Creative Labs, and has been nominated for the 2008 Campus Innovators Award to be announced in Boston, MA, at the end of July.  Please take a few minutes and check out the inPerson Conferencing demonstration table before and after the May Board Meeting.