PRISM: Local Research Institution Collaboration Grants

Request for Proposals 2014


Purpose: This program is meant to promote collaborations between Pacific faculty members and faculty members at local research-focused institutions (e.g. Portland State University, Oregon Health Sciences University, etc.) with the intention on developing a sustainable research program including undergraduates.  Pacific faculty members are encouraged to seek out and contact potential collaborators at local institutions. If, after the initial contact, it appears that a collaboration might develop, funds are available to provide a lunch meeting. Further questions should be sent to James Butler, Director of Undergraduate Research, Pacific University,  Note: The intention is to develop NEW collaborations between Pacific faculty members and local research institution collaborators.  If a significant collaboration already exists, a proposal should be submitted to one of the other PRISM grant programs or to an external agency.

Disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Exercise Science, Mathematics, and Physics

Application Deadline: January 21, 2014

Award Notice: February 2014

Spending Window: May 1 – August 31, 2014

Faculty Stipend: $3,000 for minimum of 8 full-time weeks of work (students must be able to work safely and independently if the faculty member is absent). Partial summer awards are not allowed.

Student Stipend: Mentoring a student for this grant is optional. If a student is supported, the stipend will be $3,500 for a minimum of 10 full-time weeks of work. Students are responsible for housing and may live on campus for a fee.

Post-Grant Report: Anyone awarded a grant must submit a post-grant report on its results. Reports are due by Dec. 31, 2014.

Funding Criteria
The faculty member has not applied for funds through this program in previous years. A faculty member at a local research-focused institution sponsors the work.


Proposal Submission

When submitting a research article, you will be asked for the following items separately:

a. Name of Principal Investigator (required)

b. Name of local research institution collaborator (required)

c. Institution of collaborator (required)

c. Date (required)

d. Information about any required review board approvals for project (required)

If this proposal requires approval from any of the above mentioned committees, a copy of the approval letter from the committee(s) must be submitted to the Dean’s office before any funds awarded through this grant program will be released.

e. Sources of PRISM funding in last 5 years (required)


f. Years of prior PRISM support (required for sources stated in g)

g. External grant proposals submitted in last 5 years (required)

Indicate agency, amount, dates of submission/award and whether it is related to this proposal.

h. Peer-reviewed publications in last 5 years (required)

List all peer-reviewed publications that have been published, accepted, or are in preparation. Provide complete citation and title, and use asterisks to indicate undergraduate co-authors.

i. Conference presentations in last 5 years (required)

List all conference presentations that have been given or are in preparation. Provide complete citation and title, and use asterisks to indicate undergraduate co-authors.

j. Undergraduates mentored in last 5 years (required)

Give names of all students who worked on research with you and the dates that the work took place. Use asterisks to indicate which students worked on projects related to this proposal.

k. CV in pdf format (required)

l. Cover letter in pdf format (required)

Each proposal must include a collaborating faculty member at a local research-focused institution. A letter from the collaborating faculty member is required and must certify that the proposed work has been discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

m. Proposal in pdf format (required, style guide below)

Proposal Style Guide

I. Title of project:

II. Summary of project

Brief summary of the proposed work and how it will lead to a sustainable research program including undergraduates. (500 words max.)

III. Budget

A. Faculty Stipend ($3,000)
B. Student Stipend (student mentorship is optional, $3,500 for 10 weeks of work)
C. Total budget (sum of A and B above)


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