Tour De Central Oregon


Cost of Trip: $400 (Will be charged directly to your student account)


We took our best central Oregon activites and combined them into one awesome trip. This Voyage will include two days of canoeing on the upper Deshutes River, two days of climbing at Smith Rock State Park, and a day of rafting on the lower Deshutes River. This trips time frame is well suited for Fall Athletes and local students who can head back home for a few days before orientation starts, or be back in time to start training for a fall sport.


Wave 2 (August 9th-14th):

*Note: Previously was 10th-15th but has been changed due to athlete schedules.

This Tour De Central Oregon Voyage is open to all incoming fall students. However, this voyage is designed to allow incoming fall athletes, except football players, a chance to go on a Voyage that doesn't conflict with practice schedules. Local students are encouraged to participate if they can accommodate a living situation between the end of this Voyage and new student orientation on August 21st.

Wave 2 Logistics: