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Registration is now OPEN until July 25th, 2014

Please note that once you accept the Voyages Registration Fee Agreement, your Pacific University student account will be billed a non-refundable $75 deposit, regardless of future cancellation. 

The last date to register for any Voyage is July 25th, 2014.  Any cancellations made after this date will result in the full course fee being charged to your student account. 

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Step by Step Voyage Registration Process:

1. Fill out the personal information form below

2. Upon receiving your personal information, a Voyage Coordinator will contact you via email within a week

3. The email will include a liability and medical form that you will need to fill out and mail to

Kris Williams

2043 College Way

Forest Grove, OR


4. Upon recieving liability and medical forms, your registration is confirmed. We will then contact you to inform you what Voyage you are on and details regarding your trip


If you have any questions about registration, please contact Hailey or Kris at 503-352-3080 or