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Computer Vision


Performance and comfort on near-eye computer displays

Filters on computer displays – effect on legibility, performance, and comfort

Visual effects of the luminance surrounding a computer display

Text legibility and letter superiority effect

The Effects of Visual Display Distance on Eye Accommodation, Head Posture, and Vision and Neck Symptoms

ClearType sub-pixel text rendering: Preference, legibility, and reading performance

Real-time measurement of accommodation while reading

Lateral interference, spacing, and word legibility

Effects of ocular transverse chromatic aberration on peripheral word identification


3D Vision and Displays


2011 VPI "Vision and 3D" Conference Presentations

Virtual 3D

Effects of Vergence and Accommodative Responses on Viewer’s
Comfort in Viewing 3D Stimuli

Individual Differences and Seating Position Affect Immersion and Symptoms in Stereoscopic 3D Viewing

Real-time measurement of accommodation while reading


Data analysis from several current and ongoing 3D studies will be posted as it becomes available.









Eye Strain


Exophoria at near in presbyopia

Phoria, vergence, and fixation disparity in oculomotor problems

Association of symptoms with measure of oculomotor deficiencies

Population study of fixation disparity, heterophoria, and vergence

Is all asthenopia the same?

What are the visual benefits of eyelid squinting?

Computer use, symptoms, and quality of life

Eyelid squint response to asthenopia-inducing conditions

Objective measurements of lower-level visual stress

The physiology of eyestrain

Symptoms and reading performance with peripheral glare sources

Validity of diagnostic criteria and case analysis in binocular vision







Light Toxicity


Ultraviolet eye radiation – the problem and solutions

Light Exposure, Lipofuscin and Age-Related Macular Degeneration








Ophthalmic Lenses


Vertical yoked prism – patient acceptance and postural adjustment

Computer glasses for presbyopic patients

Correlation analysis of the optics of progressive addition lenses

Evaluation of an automated subjective refractor

Progressive addition lenses – matching the specific lens to patient needs

Progressive powered lenses – the Minkwitz theorem

Computer usage has changed – and so have the eye corrective needs

The optics of occupational progressive lenses

Progressive addition lenses – measurements and ratings

Objective measurement of PAL viewing zones

Gunnar Optiks study: accommodation and symptoms

Gunnar Optiks study: electromyography and tear volume

Prescribing multifocal lenses





Miscellaneous Publications


The perceived direction of the binocular image

The perceived stability of fixation

Visual acuity and chart luminance

Binocular vs. monocular task performance

Effect of filters upon object color naming

Monovision contact lens wear and occupational task performance

Task performance with base-in and base-out prism

Transportation in an aging society

Visual acuity standard

The video display terminal eye clinic – clinical report

Ophthalmic and visual optics – task performance as a measure of vision

Task and visual performance with concentric bifocal contact lenses

Task and visual performance with contact lenses and spectacles

Vision and work

Real-time measurement of accommodation while reading

Ocular Coherence Tomography Guide

GDx Guide

20 Oral Drugs in Optometry -- A Practitioner's Reference

Diabetes: A Reference for the Primary Eyecare Clinician






                                Technical Reports


ClearType sub-pixel text rendering: Preference, legibility, and reading performance - Technical Report

Effect of Character Spacing on Text Legibility - Technical Report

Emphasis Techniques in Presentations: Effectiveness & Recall - Technical Report

Individual character legibility - Technical Report

Letter Structure and Legibility - Technical Report


















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