About Cascade Hall

Complete Cascade Hall

Cascade Hall is a 60,000-square foot, four-story structure on what was once Reynolds Field, adjacent to the University Center, Price Hall and the Holce Tennis Courts. Cascade Hall is the third residence constructed at the Forest Grove Campus since 2006.

It features single and double-occupancy rooms, as well as small suites and versatile spaces for both indoor and outdoor events. The hall embodies the university's already strong spirit of community through shared kitchens, study spaces and lounge areas.

Other amenities of the hall include outdoor patios, an indoor/outdoor fireplace, bicycle parking and environmentally friendly gardens that will capture storm water runoff for irrigation and reuse. In fact, we are seeking Gold Leed Certification for this building.

The exterior landscape features a variety of small accent and shade trees in addition to aesthetically pleasing flower beds, shrubs, patio furniture, walkways and bollard fixtures.

Design and Construction

Cascade Hall is a modern composition of classic Pacific University campus architecture providing multiple levels of community with social spaces that allow for focused activities and serendipitous chance encounters for residents. Pedestrian links from the exterior outdoors areas to adjacent campus zones make it easy and convenient for students to navigate their daily activities.

The hall was constructed with a wood-frame and select steel structure. The builders also used brick, wood cedar soffit and accents, carefully detailed metal panel and scored concrete paving. Sustainability values inform the use of integrated roof runoff site planters, highly-efficient building envelope, mechanical and electrical systems


The new residence hall features floor lounges, floor kitchens, study areas, laundry areas, community stair, office space, open spaces, 1 & 2 occupancy bedrooms and 4 occupancy semi-suites. Tha hall also has an open courtyard garden with covered patio areas and an indoor/outdoor see-thru fireplace.

About the Field

The site for Cascade Hall has been used for intercollegiate athletic competition for Pacific University since the 1890s. The site served as the Pacific football field, known as McCready Field, until the discontinuation of the program following the 1991 season. The site has also been used for baseball and track and field and, following the elimination of the original football program, soccer and women's lacrosse.

The conversion of the east end of the field to the Holce Tennis Courts continues the tradition of intercollegiate athletics competition taking place on the site.

From 1992 to present, the site has been known as Tom Reynolds Field. The field was renamed for the late Pacific Hall of Fame soccer coach in 1992. A 10-year coach at Pacific, Reynolds passed away in 1992. The field also served as the site of the first NCAA playoff event ever hosted by a Northwest Conference school, the NCAA Division III West Regional Soccer Tournament, in 1998.