Foreign Language Placement Testing

Placement Testing is now available for the 2017-18 academic year.

Placement is a web-based language test that can be taken anywhere, anytime.

Proficiency in a foreign language is one of the general education (core) requirements for graduation from Pacific University. To fulfill the Foreign Language Core Requirement, you must demonstrate the successful completion of a 102-level course or its equivalent. Pacific University offers courses in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

All incoming first year students are required to take the Foreign Language Placement Test prior to advising and registration for fall courses. The Placement Test is a web-based test that can be taken anywhere, anytime. The test scores provide the appropriate placement level for continuing language study. If you do not complete the placement test in time for advising and registration, your registration may be delayed.

You do not need to take the Placement Test if 1) you have never studied a second language, or 2) if you intend to begin study of a language you have never learned before (for example, if you studied Spanish in high school, but you intend to learn Japanese at Pacific.)

If your Placement Test score recommends a placement beyond the 102-level requirement, you may register for higher level classes. This places you on a fast track to a major or minor in the language. You may also qualify to take a proctored Proficiency Test to be exempt from the Foreign Language Core Requirement.

Before You Take the Placement Test

1) Read the Placement Test Taker Guide and the Frequently Asked Questions.

2) Configure your Computer.

  • You are responsible for ensuring the readiness of the computer you will be using for the test.
  • Read the Assessment Technology Guide and complete all preparation steps.
  • The test includes a speaking section.  You will need a headset or microphone to record your voice.

3) Practice: Take the Practice Test to become familiar with the online testing format.

Should I study?

There is no need to study for the Placement test.  It assesses your language skills in their current state.  Do your best for the most accurate placement. Speaking and writing selections should be long enough to give a good sense of your langauge ability.  No dictionaries, websites or other supplemental help are allowed.

Ready? Set? Go!

Did you read the Test Taker Guide? Be sure to do that first.

To take the test login at using the codes below.  The Advising Center will receive your test scores within about 7 days.



Test Code


Login Name




Use your PUNetID or Lastname_Firstname




Use your PUNetID or Lastname_Firstname




Use your PUNetID or Lastname_Firstname




Use your PUNetID or Lastname_Firstname




Use your PUNetID or Lastname_Firstname

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Audio Recording Problems
FAQ: Technical Questions

FAQ: Who Must Take the Placement Test and Why?
FAQ: Placement Test Results
FAQ: Foreign Language Core Requirement