Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation

The Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation is named after Oregon’s most famous governor. The center works to connect Pacific University students with policymakers. Through a combination of internship opportunities and on-campus activities, the center seeks to break down the walls of the ivory tower so that students learn the practical side of being citizens and to connect the university with the larger community.

Special project, 2015-2016

The Rural Perspective: Technical Report on the Washington County Transportation Futures Study.

A Pacific University team led by Mike Miller of the Center for Global Business Studies, with students Prescott Devinney, Jacob Rose, Sophia Solano, and Pablo Valenzuela, and supported by Jim Moore of the Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation has completed a year-long study of transportation issues for the Washington County Department of Land Use and Transportation. Working as independent contractors for the county, the students examined past reports by governments and other institutions to understand transportation issues for rural residents. The student members then interviewed members of the rural Washington County community and held a number of focus groups with the Latino community and members of community organizations. Washington County is interested in making these types of research and reporting projects a permanent part of the relationship between the county and Pacific. Of course, this was helped along because the main contact at Washington County is a 2008 Pacific graduate.


Next Events

Muslims in America 2017

Harris Zafar. 5 December 2016, 6:30-8:00 pm. Marsh Hall 216, Pacific University. A discussion of the political and cultural climate for Muslims in the United States and strategies for moving beyond Islamophobia. Sponsored by Pacific’s Center for Gender Equity, co-sponsored by the McCall Center and the Center for Peace and Spirituality.

"And Now the Hard Part… Governing in a Fractious Political System"

22 January 2017 10:30-12:00, South Park Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, West Linn, Oregon.

Looking Ahead to the 2017 Political World

24 January 2017 1:30-2:15, Salem Convention Center, Oregon State Association of County Assessors Winter meeting.


Completed Events

“What on Earth Happened? Reflections on the 2016 Elections.”

Forest Grove Rotary Club. 30 November 12:00-1:00, Prime Time Sports Bar & Restaurant 4450 Pacific Ave, Forest Grove.

Washington County Public Affairs Forum

14 November 12:00-1:00, Peppermill Restaurant, 17455 SW Farmington Rd, Beaverton. Recap of the 2016 elections.

“After the Dust Settles: Analyzing the 2016 Election Results"

Willamette Women Democrats, Celebration Conference Center, Lake Oswego, Oregon. 10 November 4:00-6:00. Discussion of the aftermath of the 2016 elections.

“Sex and Gender on the Campaign Trail”

27 October 12:00-1:00, Forest Grove campus. Panel about women in the 2016 election, especially the presidential contest. Brown bag lunch. University Center. Co-sponsored with Pacific's Center for Gender Equity.

Oregon Government Finance Officers

26 October 8:30-10:00 a.m., Salem, Oregon. Talk on the 2016 elections and their possible impacts on Oregon and the country.

“The Role of the Media, Politics, and Culture”

Washington State University, Vancouver, 25 October 4:00-5:00. Panel discussion on the role of media, the presidential election, and public discourse.

Walk in US—Talk on Japan

Pacific University, 24 October 2:30-4:00, Boxer Pause (off the dining hall in Washburne Hall). A Japanese delegation headed up by former Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki will address the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, energy-saving technologies, “Cool Japan,” and Abenomics. Reception to follow. Co-sponsored with the Pacific University Japan Club, World Languages, and the Center for Civic Engagement.

Pacific University Homecoming

“Elections, Politics, and the Future: Do Elections Really Matter?” 15 October 1:00-2:15. A talk to alumni about the wild 2016 election season.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley

Pacific University, 12 October 4:30-5:30, Taylor Auditorium, Marsh Hall (216). Senator Merkley talked about climate change, campaign finance, and issues from the 2016 elections and engaged in a conversation with the audience.

Legislative Forum.

Roosevelt Middle School, Eugene, Oregon. 5 October 2016. Student generated questions from the U.S. History and Civics class about Oregon’s gubernatorial election, state measures 97 and 98, the Oregon legislature, Trump vs. Clinton, political participationby young people, Oregon responses to climate change, issues of equality, and homelessness.

Forest Grove Community School

29 September. Talk with middle schoolers about voting and the electoral college

Classroom Law Project

28 September. Talk with middle school teachers from all over Oregon about issues in the 2016 elections.

Catlin Gabel School

26 September. Talk with middle schoolers about the electoral college.

Kniep Lecture

20 September. Joshua Howe, talking on “Telling Stories About CO2: History, Science, and the Politics of Global Warming.” The McCall Center is supporting this History Department annual lecture series.

Calvin Presbyterian Church

14 September. Talk on the 2016 elections.

Oregon State Association of County Assessors

9 August. Talk on the 2016 elections and their impact on counties, Hood River, Oregon.


About the McCall Center

Here are ways the McCall Center works with the Pacific community:

  • Connects students and policy makers for activities that satisfy the Civic Engagement requirement for undergraduate students
  • Brings policymakers to campus and the Forest Grove community
  • Cosponsors events series at which students, the larger community, and policymakers can interact
  • Works with students to create projects that combine academic analysis and work with policy making processes

The director of the McCall Center, Jim Moore, works to make all this happen. Dr. Moore is one of the most widely used political analysts in the Pacific Northwest, cited in more than 3,200 newspaper and magazine articles, interviewed more than 5,100 times, and appearing frequently on television and radio to explain the political events of the day. He uses his connections in the political world to connect Pacific and policymakers in Oregon, Washington and Washington, D.C.


Jim Moore | Director, Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation
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