Vision Performance Institute

The Vision Performance Institute (VPI) is a leading research organization in the vision sciences. VPI is dedicated to research in product development and support and clinical care in vision performance.


The Vision Performance Institute is an academically affiliated research organization with ties to several universities, corporations and professional organizations. Originally founded and located at The Ohio State University in 2002 by James E. Sheedy, OD, PhD, the VPI now resides at Pacific University's campus in Forest Grove, OR. The Vision Performance Institute boasts a proud history of quality research in vision science that has been established as one of the premier vision research organizations in the United States.

Areas of Expertise

The VPI boasts an array of specialties, thanks to the diverse educational backgrounds of its researchers and contributors. Some noted areas of expertise include the following:

  • 3D vision and display technology
  • Vision ergonomics and computer vision
  • Light toxicity and age-related eye disease
  • Contact lenses
  • Progressive addition lens design and technology
  • Font design and legibility
  • Accommodative and vergence interaction and dysfunction


Interested in research participation? Please check our scheduling website or email The Vision Performance Institute is located in Scott Hall

2014 Research Conference

October 2 - 5, 2014
Jefferson Hall

This year's conference features the latest research from faculty, inter-institution collaboration and student projects.

Tentative schedule

Thursday, October 2
Advances in Display Quality and Applications

Friday, October 3
S3D Industrial and Clinical Applications
Optical Intervention and Vision Performance

Saturday, October 4
Technological and Clinical Advances in Improving Vision