The Material World of the Early Middle Ages | History Conference


October 7 to 9, 2016

Keynote Speakers

Paul Edward Dutton | Simon Fraser University
       "Walking to Bari and Other Medieval Material Considerations"

Robin Fleming | Boston College
       "Living with Little Corpses in Late-Roman and Early-Medieval Britain"

Thomas F. X. Noble | University of Notre Dame (Emeritus)
      “Virtual Material”


The Material World of the Early Middle Ages is a conference where early medievalists of all disciplines and specializations will examine, question, and build upon recent work on materiality. We seek to explore the whole world of the early Middle Ages by including papers that discuss the ways in which early medieval people experienced, altered, and were transformed by the material. By “material,” we include objects, artworks, buildings, texts, and other tangible items that survived as well as the “materials” discussed in texts or found in the natural world that we know existed but have been lost to time, decay, and change. The range of papers investigates this “world” expansively from a variety of vantage points such as the natural world, the materiality of the human body, the built environment, society, religion, and the imagination.


Martha Rampton
Valerie Garver
Lynda Coon

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