Hannu Laukkanen, OD, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A

Clinical Professor
UC Box: 
Jefferson Hall 170

Dr. Laukkanen is a Clinical Professor of Optometry at Pacific University and Chief of Vision Therapy Services. He is senior lecturer and Course Master for: Evaluation & Management of Patients with Perceptual Problems, Neuro-rehabilitative Optometry, Multidisciplinary Service and other courses (OPT 727, 743, 765, 806, & 901).  As a charter member of Pacific’s internationally recognized Vision Performance Institute, his past research has resulted in dozens of published articles in scientific journals as well as book chapters. He is the editor and major contributor to a book on perceptual testing used in optometric education. Other activities include consulting work for attorneys and their clients and the State of Oregon regarding brain injury vision issues and peer reviewer for several journals. 

Dr. Laukkanen has presented hundreds of scientific lectures and courses to health professionals from many different disciplines at conferences and medical facilities internationally and in the U.S. He is a member of the Board of Directors for Northwest Congress of Optometry, and Brain-Injury Connections-Northwest (support organization for brain injury). He has earned Academic Fellowship with College of Optometrists in Vision Development and Fellowship with the American Academy of Optometry.

Past volunteer work has included humanitarian eye-care missions to Eastern Europe, Central America, and Mexico, as well as the Special Olympics.  Notably he was a volunteer provider for the.Wounded Warrior Project at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  His grants and awards include: Rosenthal Award, Award for Advancement of Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation, and Recognition Award for Contribution to Development of the TBI Vision Care Clinic and Support and Care of Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.   

Born in Astoria, Oregon, of Finnish parentage, Dr. Laukkanen enjoys skiing, scuba, gardening, fishing and, admittedly, driving too fast.

An accomplished writer, Dr. Laukkanen recounts his adventures as a snag diver up and down the lower Columbia River for nearly 3-decades in "Bubbles From a Snag Diver" which originally appeared in 2003 in the Clatsop County Historical Society Quarterly and the Columbia River Gillnetter. Read the article:  "Bubbles From a Snag Diver" (pdf).  

What does he enjoy most about teaching at the College of Optometry?

"Seeing a tinder ignite "a commitment to life-long learning and growth," with the humble hope that perhaps I have contributed."


MEd, Pacific University, 1994

Teaching Fellow, Pacific University, 1984-86

OD, Pacific University, 1984

BS, Pacific University, 1983

BS, University of Oregon, 1974