James Kundart, OD, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A

UC Box: 
Jefferson Hall 302

Dr. Kundart received his BS in astronomy and astrophysics and BA in history from the Pennsylvania State University in 1993. He matriculated from Pacific University in 1999 with his doctorate in optometry, with distinction, and a master's of education, visual function in learning. He joined the faculty of the College of Optometry in 2005, where he teaches visual perception, ocular motility, nutritional optometry, and pediatric ocular disease.

Dr. Kundart was in private practice for five years in Easton, Pa., where he specialized in primary care and low vision for the working poor and special needs children. Dr. Kundart is a fellow in the American Academy of Optometry and an academic fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. He provides pediatric and binocular vision care to the Ocular Motility and Neuro-Optometry (OMNO) service in Portland, and runs the 3D Performance service in Beaverton. 

Dr. Kundart was named Clinical Faculty of the Year three times and has served as the chair of the board of directors of Amigos Eye Care since 2010.  He maintains the continuing education website for the College of Optometry, is founding editor-in-chief of the new online journal, Interprofessional Optometry, and is an active member of the Vision Performance Institute and Vision Science graduate program on campus.

Born in McAdoo, Pa., Dr. Kundart and his wife Alicks have a young son and share their home with a collection of rescued pets, including a cat with low vision.

What does he enjoy most about teaching at the College of Optometry?

I came to optometry by way of physics. What I enjoy most is translating the language of physics into the the physiology of the visual system. Whether it's prescribing prism and size lenses for a patient to relieve their double vision and aniseikonia, or diagnosing a problem with the mechanics or electrical signals that run our nervous system and treating it pharmacologically, I find optometry at Pacific to be the perfect intersection of teaching and clinical research. What makes it even better are the hardworking and inquisitive students we attract and that we have the pleasure to work with every day.


Residency in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation, State University of New York, 2000

OD, Pacific University, 1999

MEd-VFL, Pacific University, 1999

BA, BS, Pennsylvania State University, 1993