John Lockhart, PhD

Associate Professor
Eugene Campus Suite 250

John teaches all levels of the Learning Communities course sequence and science methods at both the elementary and secondary levels. He is active with several organizations working to enhance institutional equity and the quality of education, including local school districts and teachers, the Oregon Center for Educational Equity, the Oregon chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education, and the Institute for Democratic Education in America. He also facilitates challenging conversations about race and equity in schools.

John earned his doctoral degree in curriculum, teaching, and educational policy from Michigan State University, where his research focused on difficulties student teachers from dominant backgrounds (i.e., middle class, white, monolingual, honors students) experienced as they learned to teach students from different cultural backgrounds in urban high schools. Examining each individual’s schooling biography reveals how their stories have many commonalities and some notable differences, as well as how the commonalities were experienced and understood in different ways, based on student teachers’ own schooling experiences.

John earned both his bachelor's degree in physics and his master of arts in teaching from Washington University in St. Louis before teaching science at David Douglas High School in Portland. His scholarly interests include science teaching and learning; societal and cultural interactions with schools, teachers, students, and the learning process; and teaching as an artistic craft.


PhD, Michigan State University

MAT and BS, Washington University, St. Louis