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Course Information

At Pacific University, all faculty teach a variety of different courses. Typically, we do not use graduate teaching assistants, which means that your classes will be taught by professors and that you will have plenty of opportunities to get to know the faculty in your discipline. Below I have listed some of the courses that I teach. We are always developing and trying out new classes, so the list may change now and then. 

MATH 165 | Topics in Modern Mathematics

MATH 240 | Discrete Mathematics

MATH 227 | Calculus II

MATH 410 | Discrete Topics (Graph Theory)

MATH 402 | Abstract algebra

MATH 360 | Algebraic topics (rings, fields, posets, groups, codes, matroids)

MATH 440 | Coding theory

MATH 440 | Algebraic structures

MATH 385 | Junior seminar

MATH 316 | Mathematical probability and statistics

MATH 311 | Differential equations

MATH 405 | Real analysis

MATH 410 | Discrete topics

MATH 490 | Senior capstone

MATH 316 | Statistics

MATH 360 | Graph theory and matroids

MATH 306 | Linear algebra

MATH 226, 227, 228 | Calculus, vector calculus, and pre-calculus


Linear optimization and business calculus

Freshman seminar

Gender and science


PhD in Mathematics with a minor in Business and Law, University of Wisconsin, Advisor: Richard A. Brualdi

Master of Arts in Mathematics, University of Wisconsin

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) double major in Actuarial Science/Risk Management and Insurance, University of Wisconsin


Simons Foundation Award

Fulbright Award - Grant to Cameroon

Fulbright Minds Panel – Building the Pipeline of Girls and Women in Stem — November 2015

NSF-CURM  --  Grant supporting undergraduate research

Pacific University Faculty Achievement Award

Fulbright Award – multi-country grant to Tanzania and Ghana

Visiting Mathematician – to serve at the national offices of the MAA

AIMS and NEI – invited to teach eight graduate classes through the Next Enstein Initiative at the African Institute for Mathematical Studies

Fulbright Award – grant to South Africa

Fulbright Specialist – awarded a place on the Fulbright Specialist Roster

Chair, Pacific Northwest MAA Section

Board of Editors of the College Math Journal

MAA PNW Distinguished Teaching Award

Berglund Fellow — Berglund Institute for Internet Studies

Program Director — Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grants

Associate Director of PNW NExT

MAA Committee on Sessions of Contributed Papers

MAA Council on Outreach Programs

Mistress of Ceremonies at MathFest Opening Banquet

MAA Board of Governors — 2006-2009

Project NExT Fellow (Silver Dot)

Project NExT Consultant (Sterling, Gold2014) and Mentor (Sepia, Blue2010, Peach2011, Brown2013)

Undergraduate Projects

Graph Products, Coloring, and Rook Polynomials with Esbeida, Emy, Ian, Crystal, Victoria

DeBruijn sequences and Kautz graphs with Daniel, Josh

Matroid Theory and Finite Groups with Jeremy

Small World Networks and Dynamical Systems with Bethany, Chris, Stephanie

Mathematical Finance with Kris

Block Designs, Finite Geometries, and Matroids with Meagan, Summer, Jesse

Optimization, Heuristics, and Genetic Algorithms with Jacob, Tim

List Coloring and Rook Polynomials with Brittany

Comparing Language and Mathematics Development in Adolecents with Krysta

Optimization and Network Flows with Brandon

Cops and Robbers on Lattices and Networks with Lana

Distinguishing Numbers of Graphs with Cody

Enumeration of Bases of Bicircular Matroids with Andrew

Actuarial Science and Black-Scholes with Kaci

Published Works

N.A. Neudauer and D. Slilaty. Bounding and stabilizing realizations of biased graphs with a fixed group, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B.

L. Goddyn, W. Hochstattler, and N.A. Neudauer. Bicircular Matroids are 3-chromatic, Discrete Mathematics, 339, 2016.

G. Gordon, J. McNulty and N.A. Neudauer. Fixing Number for Matroids, Graphs and Combinatorics, 32, 2016.

Diefenderfer, C., Hill, D., Axler, S., Neudauer, N., and Strong, D. 2015.  Linear Algebra. In 2015 Council on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM) Guide to Majors in the Mathematical Sciences, 2015.

J. Caughman, C. Dunn, J. Laison, N.A. Neudauer, and C. Starr. Minimal representations of rectangle visibility graphs. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 8871, 2014.

J. LeCrone* and N.A. Neudauer. Matroids on Groups? The College Mathematics Journal, 45, 2014. (*student author)

T. Lewis*, J. McNulty, N.A. Neudauer, T.J. Reid, and L. Sheppardson. Bicircular Matroid Designs. Ars Combinatorica, 110, 2013. (*student author)

N.A. Neudauer. Directed Reading: A strategy for teaching students to read mathematics. Interface, 13, 2013.

J.S. Caughman, C.L. Dunn, N.A. Neudauer, and C.L. Starr. Higher Dimensional Lattice Chains and Delannoy Paths, Discrete Mathematics, 311(16):1803-1812, 2011.

D.L. Neel and N.A. Neudauer. Matroids You Have Known. Mathematics Magazine, 82, 2009.

J. McNulty and N.A. Neudauer. On Cocircuit Covers of Bicircular Matroids. Discrete Mathematics, 308(17):4008-4013, 2008.

N.A. Neudauer and B. Stevens. Enumeration of the Bases of the Bicircular Matroid on a Complete Bipartite Graph. Ars Combinatorica, 66:165-178, 2003.

N.A. Neudauer, et al.* Stitching Integrated Circuit Images. Sixth PIMS Industrial Problem Solving Workshop Report, 2003. (*student authors)

N.A. Neudauer. Graph Representations of a Bicircular Matroid. Discrete Applied Mathematics 118:249-262, 2002.

B. Corbett*, G. Dresden, N.A. Neudauer, and M. Paulhus. The Disk Layout Problem. Fifth PIMS Industrial Problem Solving Workshop Report, 2002. (*student author)

N.A. Neudauer, A.M. Meyers*, and B. Stevens. Enumeration of the bases of the bicircular matroid on a complete graph. Congressus Numerantium, 149:109-127, 2001. (*student author)

R.A. Brualdi and N.A. Neudauer. The Minimal Presentations of a Bicircular Matroid. Quarterly Journal of Mathematics (2), 48:17-26, 1997.

D.L. Pfaffle, D.C. Goldman, S. Jiang, N.A. Neudauer, M. Rowell, W.H. Fleming. Heterogeneity in the proliferative history and half-life of vascular endothelium, in preparation.

M.J. Mishna, N.A. Neudauer, and B. Stevens. Enumeration and Structure of Bases in Bicircular Matroids, in preparation.

J.S. Caughman, C.L. Dunn, J. Laison, N.A. Neudauer, and C.L. Starr. On Rectangle Visibility Graphs, in preparation.

Recent Plenary and Invited Talks

"Matroids: Taking mathematics from the abstract to the concrete," Universite de Yaounde l Seminaire de Mathematiques, Yaounde, Cameroon, January 2016

Some bounds on rectangle visibility graphs,” FernUniversitat Mathematischen Kolloquium, Hagen, Germany, April 2015.

Plenary panel talk on “Mathematics in partnership: Examples of interdisciplinary teaching,” National Project NExT meeting, San Antonio, January, 2015.

“Comparing matroids on graphs,” St Mary’s College of Maryland research seminar, St Mary’s, October 2014.

“Investigations of enumeration in matroids,” Lafayette College colloquium address, Easton, September 2014.

Plenary panel talk on “The Faculty Member as a Teacher and Scholar,” National Project NExT meeting, Portland, August 2014.

“Basis enumeration in matroids on graphs,” Portland State University Discrete Math seminar, Portland, May 2014.

“What is a Matroid? Investigations of asymptotic enumeration in matroids,” Willamette University colloquium address, Salem, October 2013.

“Rectangle Visibility Graphs: preliminary results,” Coast Combinatorics Conference, University of Victoria, Kona, February 2013.

“The Cycle Matroid takes on the Bicircular Matroid: who will win?,” Coast Combinatorics Conference, University of Victoria, February 2011.

Invited Organizer of 2-day Short Course entitled “Matroids: Theory and Applications, from the ground up,” AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meeting, New Orleans, January 2011.

Keynote Speaker at Math Day, “Mathematical Modeling: Using mathematics to speed up your computer,” University of Montana, October 2010.

“Maker-Breaker Games on Bicircular Matroids,” University of Montana undergraduate matroid research group, October 2010.

“Two Matroids on Graphs: How do they compare?,” University of Montana colloquium address, October 2010.

Invited Organizer of Plenary Invited Paper Session entitled “Matroids You Have Known,” MathFest MAA national meeting, Portland, August 2009.

“Enumeration opens the door: revealing the structure of the graph by counting bases of two matroids,” AMS Special Session on Algorithmic Probability and Combinatorics, University of British Columbia, October 2008.

“Representations of Bicircular Matroids” Carleton University graduate colloquium address, Ottawa, October 2007.

“Bicircular Matroids” University of Katowice graduate seminar, Katowice, Poland, October 2007.

“The quest for independence and the story of the matroid,” Willamette University colloquium address, Salem, March 2007.

“An introduction to the bicircular matroid and its graphs,” University of Victoria Combinatorial Algorithms Group seminar, Victoria, January 2007.

“A bicircular matroid and its graphs,” University of Cologne graduate seminar, Cologne, Germany, December 2006.

In Print

“Visiting Mathematician Reaches Out” Focus article, December/January 2015.

“Four Years of Enrichment Grants and Counting . . .” Focus article, December/January 2014.

“Matroids: Theory and Applications, from the ground up,” Focus, October/November 2010.

“Announcing the MAA’s first Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grants,” Focus article, September 2010.

Contributor to Problem Section of Math Horizons, a journal for undergraduates, September 2008.

Recent Workshops

Workshop on Structure in Graphs and Matroids, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, July 2016.

"NSF-Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics Conference" Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, April 2016.

"Coast Combinatorics Conference" Simon Fraser University, Canada, March 2016.

"NSF-Center Undergraduate Research in Mathematics Faculty Workshop" Salt Lake City, May 2015.

“Coast Combinatorics Conference” University of Victoria, Kona,  February 2015.

“AMS Committee on Education workshop” Washington, DC, October 2014.

“Coast Combinatorics Conference” University of Victoria, Kona, February 2013.

“Third Workshop on Graphs and Matroids” Maastrict University, The Netherlands, August 2012.

“Matroid Theory Special Session” at the American Mathematical Society (AMS) meeting, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., March 2012.

“Outreach Poster Session,” Joint Mathematics Meetings, Boston, January 2012.

“Coast Combinatorics Conference” University of Victoria, Canada, February 2011.

“Matroid Theory Special Session,” Joint Mathematics Meetings, New Orleans, January 2011.

“Outreach Poster Session,” Joint Mathematics Meetings, New Orleans, January 2011.

“Matroid Theory Special Session,” American Mathematical Society meeting, University of Kentucky, March 2010.

“Prairie Discrete Mathematics Workshop” University of British Columbia — Kelowna, Canada, August 2009.

“Coast Combinatorics Conference” University of Victoria, Canada, February 2009.

“Coast Combinatorics Conference” University of Victoria, Canada, February 2007.

“Matroid Theory Special Session,” Joint Mathematics Meetings, New Orleans, January 2007.

“Matroid Structure Workshop” participant and invited speaker, University of Montana, November 2006.

Recent Sessions and Conferences organized

Program Chair and conference organizer, Combinatorial Potlatch, University of Puget Sound, February 2002; University of Victoria, November 2002 and November 2003; Simon Fraser University, November 2004; Seattle University, November 2005; Portland State University, November 2006; University of Victoria, September 2007; University of Puget Sound, November 2008; Simon Fraser University, November 2009; Western Washington University, December 2010; Seattle University, November 2011; Simon Fraser University, November 2012; University of Victoria, November 2013; Western Washington University, November 2014; University of British Columbia, November 2015; Seattle University, November 2016.

Gave Welcome to the national conference and introduction of plenary speaker, Keith Devlin, NPR’s “Math Guy,” MathFest national MAA meeting, Portland, August 2014.

Organizer of Panel entitled “Outreach in mathematics: Feeding the pipeline,” Pacific Northwest MAA meeting, University of Montana, June 2014.

Organizer of Special Session entitled “Alternative Courses to College Algebra,” with Ann Cary (Portland Community College), Pacific Northwest NExT workshop, University of Montana, June 2014.

Organizer of Special Session entitled “Research and Pedagogical Trends in Discrete Mathematics,” with Mark Kayll and Jenny McNulty (University of Montana), Pacific Northwest MAA meeting, University of Montana, June 2014.

Organizer of Special Session entitled “Teaching Classes Outside Mathematics,” Pacific Northwest NExT workshop, Willamette University, April 2013.

Organizer of the General Contributed Paper Sessions (149 talks), MathFest national meeting, University of Wisconsin, August 2012.

Organizer of Special Session entitled “Directed Reading, New Technologies, and Other Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement,” Pacific Northwest NExT workshop, University of Portland, April 2012.

Panelist in Special Session entitled “Reaching Out to the Local Middle School ,” Pacific Northwest MAA meeting, University of Portland, April 2012.

Organizer of Special Session entitled “A Conversation on Mathematics Outreach,” Pacific Northwest NExT workshop, Seattle University, April 2010.

Organizer of Special Session entitled “The Role of Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics,” Pacific Northwest NExT workshop, Central Washington University, April 2009.

Organizer of Contributed Paper Session entitled “Fascinating Examples from Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics, and Graph Theory,” MathFest MAA national meeting, Madison, August 2008.

Visiting Scholar

Interdisciplinary Research in the Mathematical and Computer Sciences (IRMACS) institute

Simon Fraser University

Carleton University

University of Silesia

University of Victoria

Research Associate

Oregon Health Sciences University