Updates on the New Colleague Interface

Thursday, September 7, 2017

As reported previously, a new version of the Colleague User Interface is replacing the one we currently use. However, the deadline to stop using our current interface (UI 4) has been extended until November. This delay is to allow our vendor, Ellucian, time to address some issues in a future update.

However, many users will not be adversely affected by the bugs. So we are making the new interface, "UI 5" available to users now, meaning that those who want to start using it right away, can. You will find the link to log into the new version near the bottom of the Online Tools page--look for the link titled "Colleague UI Version 5". Just be sure to use Chrome, as that will give you the fastest and smoothest experience with Colleague UI 5.

If you're interested in trying the new version, but aren't sure whether the bugs will bug you (pun intended!), you can review the Technology Helpdesk article UI 5 Troubleshooting and Known Issues to get a better sense of the kinks Ellucian is still working on. We expect a number of bug fixes by the end of November.

UIS has provided training sessions to key departments that are our heaviest users of Colleague. We will postpone holding trainings for the broader community until after the next updates are available later in the fall. We will circulate new information in the staff and faculty newsfeed and by email to Colleague users once trainings are scheduled, or if adoption plans change further.