A Giving Community

Pacific University's giving community consists of many different groups and their generosity helps support Pacific's dedication to excellence.

Please consider joining our giving community. Find out more about who gives to Pacific and how their gift benefits our university. 

Corporations and Foundations
Faculty and Staff
Parents and Families


Support from our alumni demonstrates how much they value their education. 

Alumni recognize the benefits they received from Pacific University and want to provide the same opportunities to current and future Pacific students. Alumni have the opportunity to support the area of greatest need with a gift to the Pacific Excellence Fund (annual fund); gifts may also be designated to a specific college, program or department.

Every gift, large or small, increases Pacific’s alumni participation rate. Participation rates are used to determine national rankings for universities and colleges. Higher rankings help Pacific recruit students and faculty as well as increasing the value of the Pacific degree.

Your gift will do the following:

  • Benefit the next generation of Pacific University students
  • Demonstrate your confidence in the education you received at Pacific
  • Enhance the prestige of Pacific University and strengthen the value of your degree — alumni participation is used to determine the strength of the university
  • Invest in programs that make a difference in the world
  • Your gift, no matter the size, is deeply appreciated. With your help, we can meet our future defined by stronger focus on global education, an unwavering commitment to service and greater scholarship by our faculty and students.

Please visit our secure online giving form to make your gift today.

Corporations and Foundations

Pacific University’s faculty and staff have two primary resources for obtaining funding to support scholarly activities, such as research, curricular improvements, writing, conferences and programs:

  • Zack Wallace, Senior Director of Development & Campaign Operations, handles private foundation and corporate grants, such as Murdock Trust, Intel and the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry.
  • Chris Wilkes, vice provost for research, handles government grants, such as National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, USDA, etc.

These offices work collaboratively and can direct you to the appropriate grant officer who will serve as the primary person you will work with on your project or program.

The Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations (CFR) helps to secure funding from corporate and foundation agencies to support institutional priorities. Example priorities include furthering scholarship through research and/or program development, support for faculty salaries, support for creation of new academic programs, developing innovative curricula and courses, equipment acquisition, endowed fund establishment, financial aid for students, capital purchases and facilities construction or renovation.

In cooperation with the Office of Research, CFR offers a range of resources and services to faculty, departments and programs seeking funding. These resources and services include the identification of resources, assistance with proposal preparation and grant administration.

CFR also maintains a list of recent grants awarded to Pacific University as an institution and to members of the Pacific faculty.

Faculty and Staff

Pacific University faculty and staff work hard to advance the university and support our students on a daily basis. However, our faculty and staff’s commitment goes beyond teaching. The Pacific community recognizes the need to support the university with gifts to the Pacific Excellence Fund, scholarships, the endowment and capital projects.

In January 2009, the Together for Pacific faculty and staff giving campaign was launched. The percentage of faculty and staff donors increased from 19 percent to 66 percent by the end of June 2012. On June 30, 2016 the giving percentage finished at 60%.

If you would like to give through payroll deduction, please download the PDF form. You can also visit our secure online giving form to make your gift today.

Contact Us
Gage Josi '13 | Assistant Director of Annual Giving
503-352-2960 | gagejosi@pacificu.edu

Parents and Families

Parental support is vital to enhancing Pacific University’s campus experience and unique educational opportunities. As your child pursues dreams and personal goals at Pacific, you can make a gift that will positively impact the time your child spends here.

Your gifts benefit the following:

  • Student support and advising services
  • Dynamic academic programs
  • Vital scholarships
  • Low student-to-faculty ratios
  • Technology advancements
  • Campus enhancements and sustainability

To make a gift to Pacific, please visit our secure online giving form, or choose one of the many other giving options offered by Pacific University.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak with a member of the university staff regarding making a gift, please contact Karine Kadyan, Director of Leadership Annual Giving, at 503-352-2961 or send an email to kkadyan@pacificu.edu


While students directly benefit from private gifts during their time at students, they also do their part to strengthen the university with gifts during their time at Pacific. By donating to Pacific as students, graduates develop a commitment to participate in the strong tradition of giving back to the university in the future.

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) is a student-run club on campus that engages, excites, and educates students on the impact private giving makes in sustaining Pacific. STAT also provide opportunities for students to make a contribution through various activities, competitions, and events. By educating and engaging current students, students leave Pacific with a better understanding of philanthropy.

Student Club Fundraising Resources
Raising money for your club? All student fundraising efforts need to be coordinated with University Advancement. Contact Elijah Rosenthal, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at 502-352-2144 or email elijah.rosenthal@pacificu.edu for more information.

Friends of Pacific

Pacific University began as a school for orphans from the Oregon Trail in 1848, and in 1849 was chartered as a college founded by Congregationalists and modeled after the best schools of New England. Over time, the university has grown into a unique combination of undergraduate and graduate programs in liberal arts and sciences, education, business and health.

Today, Pacific’s focus on teaching and learning in a close nurturing environment leads to genuine transformation in students’ lives. Distinguished by its inquiry-based curricula and interdisciplinary collaboration, Pacific offers students exceptional opportunities for experiential learning, leadership and civic engagement.

As a friend of Pacific University, you are an incredibly valued member of our community whose support helps us to ensure we are able to fulfill this mission and make a difference in the lives of our students and the world we serve.

Donate today. We are grateful for your support.