Music Scholarships

Pacific has an extensive program of grants, scholarships and awards to help students finance their education. Scholarships for music are awarded on the basis of talent, and do not require that the recipient be a music major. All scholarship awards from the music department become part of the total institutional package offered by the University to the student.


All students, regardless of their major or minor, are eligible for a music scholarship with the exception of a dental hygiene major. Scholarship awards are offered from $2,000 to 6,000 per year, per student, renewable for all four years of study.


Future students must apply for the scholarship before they become a student at Pacific University to be eligible for this scholarship.


Our primary audition day occurs on the first Sunday in March every year. Other on-campus audition dates are listed on the front page of the scholarship application. Auditions may also be scheduled by appointment or by submitting a CD no later than March 1.

If you wish to audition for a music scholarship audition beyond March 5, please contact us at

Audition Selections:

Selections are 10-15 minutes long and follow these criteria:

  • Pianists & Organists: Three works (each from a different period) selected from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic, or Modern Period
  • Vocalists: Two pieces, preferably in classical style, and at least one in a foreign language
  • Strings: Two contrasting pieces, or two movements from a solo sonata or concerto
  • Winds: Two contrasting pieces, or two movements from a solo sonata or concert
  • Percussion: Performance on a snare drum, timpani, and one or more mallet instruments

The Scholarship Application Packet (pdf) includes the cover letter, application and audition instructions.

University Admissions

To become a music major, a student must be admitted to Pacific University and file a declaration for the music major with the Registrar's Office.

Applications for admission may be obtained by contacting us at 503-352-2218, or toll-free at 877-PAC-UNIV, ext. 2218.