Meal Plan Waivers

A meal plan is obligatory for each student living in units without full kitchens. The Meal Plan Options Committee will only review exemption requests related to religious practices as established in an organized and socially recognized religion or for medically documented food allergies that are severe and restrictive enough that Dining Services cannot accommodate them. Students who desire an exemption are highly encouraged to make their exemption request prior to their first day of classes by emailing the Housing Office.

Class schedules, athletics, employment schedules, finances, vegetarian/vegan/organic, gluten-free diets, food intolerances, food preferences (such as food preparation and food distributor preferences) are not acceptable reasons for exemption from the meal plan. Campus Dining Services personnel are amenable to meet with students that do not have documented food allergies to discuss ways to get the most out of the meal plan.

If you do not meet the criteria for an exemption request but would like to discuss the meal plan program, you can contact the Dining Director for further information.