Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

Ann Barr-Gillespie, PhD, DPT

Vice Provost and Executive Dean
Dean, School of Graduate Psychology

Lisa Carstens, PhD


Martha Calus-McLain '03

Director of Alumni Relations
Associate Dean & Director, School of Arts & Humanities
Director of the School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership; Program Director of the Master of Healthcare Administration program; Professor
Assistant Dean for Pharmacy Practice, Associate Professor

Karen Dunston, MS

Assistant Vice President, Undergraduate Admissions
Assistant Dean for Academics and Assessment, Associate Professor
Director of Pacific Libraries
Interim director of the School of Audiology

Anne Herman, MEd

Associate Professor & Associate Dean of Academic Programs

Lois Hornberger

Senior Director, Conferences and Event Support Services
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Assistant Professor
Associate Dean & Director, School of Natural Sciences
Professor & Dean, School of Pharmacy
Director, School of Learning and Teaching (Forest Grove)
Director of Human Resources

Marita Kunkel, MLS

Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Jon-Erik Larsen

Assistant Vice President, Graduate and Professional Admissions

Allie C. Losli, MBA

Controller & Associate Vice President, Finance & Administration

Mike Mallery, MBA

Vice President, Finance & Administration

John S. Miller, PhD

Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs

William O'Shea, PhD


Susan Pedersen

Director of Budget Operations and Reporting

Will Perkins, MC

Dean of Students & Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
Associate Dean for College of Business and College of Arts & Sciences

Stephen Prag, MPA


Bill Ray, CPA, MBA

Associate Vice President, Finance and Administration
Associate Dean & Director, School of Social Sciences
Assistant Dean for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor
Founding Director, School of Dental Hygiene Studies

Ken Schumann, MEd

Director, Athletics
Director of Masters of Social Work Program
Director of Legal Affairs
Assistant Professor & Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs

Jan Stricklin

Associate Vice President, University Advancement
Clinical Professor, Associate Dean of Clinical Programs, Distinguished University Professor
Director & Associate Professor-School of Physician Assistant Studies

Cassie Warman, MPA

Vice President, University Advancement

Shelley Washburn, MAT

Director, MFA Program
Program Director, School of Occupational Therapy