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Betty LaDuke at the Cawein Gallery

The Cawein Gallery is excited to host Ashland artist Betty LaDuke, whose intricately carved and painted wood panels document the stories of Latino Farmworkers in the Pacific Northwest.

Stefan Lesueur: Naturally, August 30 to September 28

The Cawein Gallery is proud to announce our newest exhibition by Portland based artist Stefan Lesueur. 

Cawein Gallery Artist Reception Set for This Afternoon

Portland artist Laura Hughes, whose exhibition "The Tomb" is on display through April 19, will discuss her today at 4 p.m.


Laura Hughes: The Tomb

This exhibition offers a place of respite to contemplate dislocation of memory. A tomb is a site for remembrance and longing; a projection of what once was and an effort to preserve what is eternally embedded within. Light and shadow have a metaphorical connection to temporal presence and material loss. 


Sarah Nance: In•Soluble

Earth’s moon, its tidal pull and the coastlines these tides create are at the center of my current research. Coastlines are full of pluralities; they are the space between land and sea, and this line itself is constantly in flux through the movement of each tide. They bear the results of ancient, cyclical geology: the breakdown of rocky ground into sand, and the subsequent compression of sand into sedimentary rock. 


lit-upness // mute acquiescence: morgran rosskopf and katherine spinella at the cawein gallery

The Cawein Gallery is pleased to announce a joint exhibition of work by artists Morgan Rosskopf and Katherine Spinella.

Frank A. Farris: SymmetryScapes West

"My artistic impulse is to let the beauty of the real world shine into the realm of mathematical patterns. My method combines photographs with complex-valued functions in the plane to create images with all possible types of symmetry: Euclidean, hyperbolic, and spherical symmetries (as these act on the plane). For some works, I then transfer plane images back to the sphere.”

Greg Hayes: Everything, So It Seems

 I am a visual artist committed to building a more complex photographic idea. The materials I use are varied: film, a camera, its accessories, a different camera and its accessories, pen and ink, paper, software, collaborative energy, wood veneer, instructions to the photo lab technician, time, light, remnants of composite vinyl decking, distances across the ocean, lists, and so on.

Professor Jim Flory Presents "The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat" in Cawein Gallery Sept. 6-30

Professor Flory's photography of the past three US Olympic Track & Field Trials comprises the opening exhibit of the 2016-2017  Kathrin Cawein Gallery of Art season. He will discuss his work during an opening reception at noon on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

Kathrin Cawein Gallery Featured Exhibition

ERIK GESCHKE: AMALGAM | Referencing elements of architecture, industrial design and human physiology, Amalgam explores issues surrounding mortality, dystopia and modernism.  Often depicted as fragments of something larger and through a shifting of physical scale; the works in this exhibition seek to create new combinations, connections and interpretations.