Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Who is teaching camp?

Our fabulous ELC Assistant Teachers and some of our highly qualified regular substitutes will be teaching. We plan to have 15-20 children and at least 2 teachers in both our Preschool - Kindergarten and Elementary cohorts, with extra hands on deck for the really fun projects! 

Is summer camp just ELC during the summer?

We will offer our same intentional and child-focused approach to play and learning. We envision our summer camp program as an opportunity to get curious, try new things, and dive deep into favorite activities. Children will have new and meaty ideas to chew on, but the program will not have an explicitly academic focus. We’ve intentionally chosen themes well-suited to summer exploration that will allow our staff and children to spend lots of time outside investigating the world around them.

Are they going to be doing the activities listed above all day?

Each day will have a focus activity, many of which are listed in the descriptions. Children will also have the chance to engage in some of the other things we love to do at the ELC - gather in a daily meeting, play in our outdoor spaces, work on art projects, and choose activities of interest to them during project exploration time/classroom centers. The preschool - rising kindergarten will also have a quiet time each day, as they do at the ELC, with the opportunity for non-nappers to do quiet activities or listen to read-alouds. In the elementary cohort, students will also have a quiet time for reading, drawing and meditation in the afternoon before diving into their last activity of the day.

What will my child need to bring?

Please send your child with a lunch and snack that meet the same requirements as the regular school year. Each child should bring an extra set of clothes that are packed and labeled in a ziplock bag; if your child tends to get especially messy outside, send two. Children in the preschool cohort should bring a blanket and optional comfort animal for rest time. For Water & Wind Week your child should bring a swimsuit and a towel as well.

What if my child gets sick?

We will follow the same illness exclusion guidelines as during the regular school year. If that means your child will need to miss a few days or the entire week of camp, we will make every effort to transfer them to a later session if there is still room. However, because we need to maintain state child care ratios during camp and will have to pay our teachers whether or not each child is in attendance, we are not able to offer refunds.

What is the age range for camp?

We accept current ELC students who are three years old. All other children must be at least four years old and fully independent using the toilet. We will accept through rising fifth graders (children who will be attending fifth grade next year). If your preschool-aged child has not had previous experience with group care (daycare, a preschool program of any duration), 6 hours of care can be a very long day. Please reach out to us and we can discuss things further. Additionally s a small school we do not have have the staffing to provide individual aides to support children so if your child requires one-on-one assistance to participate in classroom activities, please reach out to us as well.

What if my child doesn't go to the ELC or if they are enrolled for next year but haven't yet started?

You don't have to be part of the ELC to come play with us over summer! The one caveat is that we will accept four-year old children who will be attending preschool at the ELC but who have not yet started on a case-by-case basis. This is because our summer routine is fairly different from the routine children follow during the school year and that can be really confusing to our youngest students.

Can friends outside the ELC come to camp?

The more the merrier! ELC families will have the first opportunity to enroll current students and siblings the week of Feb. 26, then ELC alumni families will have the chance to enroll starting March 4. Any remaining spots will be open to anyone in the community starting March 6!

How do I pay my deposit/fees to the ELC?

The ELC accepts cash or check for all payments. We ask that cash payments be made in-person at our front office. Checks should be made payable to the Early Learning Community and can be submitted one of the following ways:

  • Drop off: Submit payment to our front office during its typical hours of operation, roughly 8am-4pm -OR- Submit payment via our locked drop-box on the brick wall right outside of the ELC's main entrance - 2020 Cedar St., Forest Grove, OR.
  • Mail: Please consider postal service processing time and inform us of when the check was sent.
    • Early Learning Community at Pacific University A-130
    • 2043 College Way
    • Forest Grove, OR 97116