Finances & Payroll

Working at Pacific means more than a paycheck; it's about a future. Navigate the many important financial benefits and resources available to you, from saving for retirement to sending your children to school. 

Beginning  Oct. 10, 2017, you will be able to change the amount you are deducting from your paycheck to the retirement plan, through an online request. You will no longer need to submit a paper form. Just complete and electronically submit the salary deferral agreement from your online account at

Visit the Retirement Plan page to find out more


Faculty and staff are encouraged to check and update their address in Paycom and Colleague. An audit will be conducted in April.

Tile of wellness images

In lieu of our annual in-person Health and Benefits Fairs, we’re excited to host a Virtual Wellness Fair! With offerings ranging from hatha yoga practice to financial planning, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Give those around you a gift. In the event of an emergency, have the necessary tools to act quickly and assist.