Getting Married or Divorced

As you enter this new phase, there are likely lots of changes ahead. Make sure that your transition is an easy one by completing these simple steps to adjust your Pacific University information.

In relation to benefits, marriage and divorce are “life events” that allow for policy changes outside of the open enrollment period. Please be aware that you only have 30 days from the date of the marriage or divorce to make changes, though, so please be prepared.

Update Your Benefits, Beneficiaries and Tax Withholding 

Adjusting Benefits, Beneficiaries, and Tax Withholding data can be done at your convenience through Paycom Employee Self-Service.

Benefits and Beneficiaries

  1. Login to Paycom Employee Self-Service
  2. Navigate to Benefits
  3. Select Dependents and Beneficiaries
  4. Add or Remove Individuals as Needed
  5. Navigate Back to the Main Benefits Section
  6. Select Qualifying Events
  7. Add a Qualifying Event as Needed
  8. If Adding a Dependent or Spouse for Benefits, Navigate Back to the Main Benefits Section
  9. Select Current Benefits and Make Selections as Needed

Tax Withholding

  1. Login to Paycom Employee Self-Service 
  2. Navigate to Payroll
  3. Select Tax Setup
  4. Make Desired Adjustments

Change Your Name

Name changes are not subject to the 30-day deadline. Make the necessary changes with the Social Security Administration, then make an appointment to bring your new Social Security card to Human Resources to implement an official name change.

Update Your Address

If you are moving, be sure to also update your address with the university. You can do this by logging into MyAccount and updating your contact information. Please be aware that updating your address in the university system does not automatically update your address for Payroll. Please update your address for Payroll in your Paycom Employee Self-Service account.