Photo of Dr. Andrew Saultz.

Andrew M. Saultz, PhD

Director of the PhD in Education and Leadership Program, Associate Professor
Berglund Hall 261

Andrew M. Saultz, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership and the Program Director for the PhD in Education and Leadership Program (PhDEL).

The unifying purpose of Dr. Saultz’s research, service, and teaching is to improve equity in schools. Specifically, Dr. Saultz focuses on how educational accountability policy impacts and is interpreted by a broad range of actors including policymakers, educators, educational leaders, parents, citizens and students. The primary aim of his research is to understand: 1) how policymakers across levels of government develop school accountability policy 2) how teachers and educational leaders implement and react to new accountability policies; and 3) what data and information parents and citizens use to evaluate school quality. Dr. Saultz enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with his wife and two sons.


BA Political Science, Oregon State University

MAT Social Studies, Lewis and Clark

PhD Educational Policy, Michigan State University