Halley Read, MOT, OTR/L

Clinical Assistant Professor
HPC 2, Room 369
Areas I Teach 

Halley has clinical expertise and background in mental health occupational therapy. She is very passionate about and dedicated to growing the numbers of occupational therapists working in mental health settings, including the community, and has goals to support the OT workforce to embrace their roots in psychosocial practice regardless of practice setting. These passions have led her to a belief that the innovative, creative and person centered approach of OT is a perspective and value-add tool that can help drive healthcare and healthcare education forward. Joining Pacific University’s School of Occupational Therapy faculty in July of 2017, she is pursuing her PhD in Translational Health Sciences because she hopes to educate future clinicians on, lead mental healthcare practitioners in, and study how to move evidence into practice more efficiently and effectively.  Ultimately, her goals aim to demonstrate the role OT has in mental healthcare and in solving the challenges our healthcare system faces using the OT paradigm to promote Recovery for anyone and everyone.


2008 BS Psychobiology, Minor in Neuroscience, UC Davis

2013 Master of Occupational Therapy, Midwestern University


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*Co-first authors

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