James Sheedy, OD, MS, PhD, FAAO

Scott Hall 125

Dr. Sheedy received his optometry degree and his doctorate in physiological optics from the Ohio State University. He was a clinical professor at the University of California at Berkeley School of Optometry where he founded the first VDT Eye Clinic in 1985. He also established the Center for Ophthalmic Optics Research at Ohio State University and is recognized as an expert in the design and prescribing of progressive addition lenses. He has twice received the Garland Clay Award for the best clinical research published in the journal of the American Academy of Optometry and also received the William Feinbloom award for his work in vision ergonomics. He also received the Distinguished Service Award from Prevent Blindness America for his work with ultraviolet. He has over 140 published articles and has participated in the development of numerous ANSI and ISO standards and regulations. Currently Dr. Sheedy is the head of the Vision Ergonomics Research Laboratory and professor of optometry at Pacific University.

Research Interest:

Dr. Sheedy is the director of the Vision Ergonomics Research Laboratory which he started at Ohio State University in 2002 and moved to Pacific University in 2006. 
The Organizing Thesis of the Vision Ergonomics Laboratory is that better vision and a better visual environment improve the comfort and work efficiency of people who perform critical visual tasks. The Mission of the Vision Ergonomics Laboratory is to use scientific methods to understand the effects of vision and visual environment upon human performance and comfort and to apply this knowledge to improve vision performance in the workplace.
Dr. Sheedy enjoys hiking in the beauty of nature, periodically picks up a paint brush to express himself on canvas, and is currently writing a book entitled “Eyes and Ears – Foundation for Mind, Civilization, and God”.

What does he enjoy most about teaching at the College of Optometry?

“The faculty, staff, and students of this College are wonderful people with whom to work. This is a very supportive and warm group of people who create a family-like atmosphere that makes this a great place.”


PhD, Ohio State University, 1977

MS, Ohio State University, 1974

OD, Ohio State University, 1974

BS, Wayne State University, 1969