Joe W. Su, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
Room 121 ITF
Areas I Teach 

Educational History

PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences--University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2008
BS, Chemistry--University of California at Berkeley, 2002

Practice/Research Interests

My research interests involve the use of natural products in complementary and alternative medicine, focusing on botanical entities popular in traditional medicine (e.g. Turmeric Root, Senna Leaf, Goji Berries, Boswellia Bark, Black Pepper Fruit). Despite tightening federal regulations on the dietary supplement industry, consumers continue to self-medicate with natural products that generally have not demonstrated clinically significant results ($6.9 billion in US retail sales in 2015, American Botanical Council). Coupled with the current trends in consumer self-medication, there is an urgent need to understand the safety and efficacy of popular natural products.

The primary challenge in understanding the safety and efficacy of natural products lies in elucidating its multiple active ingredient composition. Mechanistic understanding of these phytochemicals will not only lead to improved drug and natural product therapy but also to improved medical safety procedures regarding drug-food interactions. Our current disease state of interest is chronic inflammation, which is implicated in the top killers in the United States: heart disease and cancer.

A list of publications may be found at ResearchGate.

Outside the Classroom

Prior to Pacific, Joe led operations at SUSS Technology, a dietary supplement manufacturing company in Las Vegas, NV. Joe is passionate about empowerment and success through positive reinforcement. Currently, he is applying these principles to his two toddler boys with mixed, yet interesting results! Joe is a super nerd who loves analyzing team-based games ranging from baseball to League of Legends.