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Stephen Black

Research Assistant
HPC2 419
Areas I Teach 

Stephen graduated in 2015 from Pacific University with a degree in chemistry. He works in Dr. John Harrelson's lab focused on the cinnemaldehyde project investigating the use of a compound in cinnamon oil as a potential therapeutic agent in smoking cessation. He primarily conducts experiments in the bay and uses the HPLC and LC-MS/SM instruments to gather and analyze data using a variety of methods. He also investigates using AutoDock to help screen analogs of trans-cinnemaldehyde and to help identify key characteristics of molecular binding.

Stephen also trains students and other researchers in assay techniques, data analysis, and instrumentation, and he has presented their research at Experimental Biology and American Chemical Society meetings.

Professional Affiliations

American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET)

American Chemical Society (ACS)


Chan J, Oshiro T*, Thomas S*, Higa A*, Black S*, Todorovic A, Elbarbry F, and Harrelson JP.  Inactivation of CYP2A6 by the Dietary Phenylpropanoid trans-Cinnamic Aldehyde (Cinnamaldehyde) and Estimation of Interactions with Nicotine and Letrozole, Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 44 (2016), 534-543.