Best Practices for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Marketing

The Pacific University Office of Marketing & Communications recognizes it has inherited systemic, historical and institutional biases that have, at various times, caused cultural insensitivities, non-diverse representation in marketing materials, and non-inclusive practices.

In 2018, MarCom worked with student and employee groups on our campuses and also assessed practices throughout the education and marketing industries to develop a thematic framework to guide our work. The framework created an abstract foundation for MarCom to improve its processes. Following the framework, we later developed a series of practical best practices to guide marketing processes at Pacific University.

The Office of Marketing & Communications is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. Our office affirms the mission of Pacific University and its commitment to diversity, care and the pursuit of justice. We affirm the rights of students to choose how they are represented in marketing materials.

The following best practices guide the work of Marketing & Communications and are strongly recommended procedures for use university-wide. 




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