Adding and Publishing New Content on the Website

As part of their permissions level, Web Editors who are logged in to the site have the ability to create new pages by using the editor tool bar (Content > Add content >Page).

This takes the web editor to an editing screen, where they can write new content directly into the editor, paste and format their content by adding subheads, links and tables, and add multimedia. Once saved, it will be unpublished content.

A web editor can access unpublished content later by using the editor tool bar (Content > unpublished content).

Once a page has been created, it can be placed in the left red menu by a member of the Internet Team.

In addition to basic pages, all web editors have access to News/Media in order to post on news feeds. Some editors have access to other content types such as Employee and Employee group pages and Policies & Forms.

Content that has been created by a web editor will be unpublished until a request to publish form has been submitted, reviewed and published.

To have brand-new content reviewed, published and placed in the menu, please fill out the Request to Publish form.