Faculty and Staff Webpages

All faculty and staff employed by Pacific University may have an individual page that provides biographical and contact information.

If you wish to make edits to your personal employee page, complete the Website Request Form.

Employee PagesHow to add new Employee Content

Employee pages are the content used for individual faculty pages, as well as staff pages. This helps increase the visibility of a person when they are searched. Trained web editors with employee page permissions can create employee pages by going to Content> Add content> Employee.

The editing screen of Employee pages has additional fields along with the body content field. 

Name | The full name of the employee, including any professional suffixes.
Profession Title | The job title of the employee.
Pacific Email | This is the university-supplied email address, not a personal address.
Office Phone | This is the university-assigned phone number, not a personal phone.
Campus Office Location | Office location, and when it makes sense, which campus.
UC Box | University-assigned UC box.

Screenshot of the Employee page editing screen

Employee Page Photo Standards

Employee photos should follow website photo standards.

  • Headshot featuring the shoulders and head of the person
  • Full color with no additional filters or borders
  • Square image (220 x 220 pixels)
  • Avoid blurriness or pixelation

Content Suggestions for Staff & Faculty Pages

The content of Employee pages are flexible and are designed to showcase the individual.

The summary should be a short sentence or two that provides an overview of the information found in the longer body field. It does not appear on the faculty page itself, but when employees are added to group pages, this information is pulled into group pages.

In general, the body content of an employee page should reflect the audience the page is intended for. Faculty pages are tailored to a student audience, while staff pages are often designed for both student and employee audiences.

  • Content should not replicate CVs or Resumes, but provide background information that helps us know the employee
  • Faculty pages can include career highlights, research interests, thoughts on teaching and biographical information
  • Staff pages can include areas of responsibility (when to contact this person), expertise and biographical information

Associated Areas of Study

If the employee page is designed for a faculty member, an editor can choose to fill out the Associated Areas of Study field. This will automatically add a link to added academic program pages to help a user navigate to those program pages. It does not add the employee to any group employee pages.

To add links to an academic program, start typing part of the program name into the field. It will start to auto-fill and you can then select the correct program. You can add multiple programs and rearrange the list order.

Employee Group Pages

Employee Group pages are used to create team, staff or faculty group pages made up of a number of individuals. The bulk of the content on an employee group page is pulled in from individual employee pages. Employee Group pages pull in the photo, name, title, email, phone, and summary from the individual employee pages.

Employees are added to a group page using the "Employees" field, located underneath the body content. To add an employee to an employee group page, edit the page, then start typing their name in the “Employees” field. It will start to auto-fill and you can then select the employee. You can rearrange the list of employees into any desired order.

Screenshot of the Employees field

An employee needs to have a published individual employee page before they can be added to the group page.

In addition to pulling the individual employee information, there is also the option to customize employee group pages by adding banner photos, body text as introductory text and customizing the page title.