Featured and Related Content on Webpages

Featured and related content are other webpages or news/media that are pulled into a page as visual blocks. They add additional multimedia interest to a page and encourage users to explore deeper into the site. They are not intended to replace the primary menu navigation.

Featured and related content appear in different parts of the page, but are functionally the same. They display the teaser title and image from the page or post being pulled in.

Video Tutorial | Adding Featured Content to a page

As an example, this page pulls in as featured content Marketing & CommunicationsImage and Video Standards and a news post about launching a new website design.

Featured Content

  • Pulls in pages and news/media and displays in a set of three visual blocks overlaid on a banner image
  • Page must have a banner image
  • Pages and news/media being pulled in must have teaser section set
  • Exactly three items must be pulled in

Related Content

  • Pulls in pages and news/media as visual blocks below the main body content area.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of items being pulled in.
  • Pages and news/media being pulled in must have teaser images/video and title section complete

Adding Featured and Related Content to a page

On the editing screen, there are distinct fields for both featured and related content, but are set in the same way.

In either the featured content or related content fields, start typing the title (not the teaser title) of the page or post.

Screenshot of the featured items field on an editing screen, with an arrow indicating auto-complete

The field will pop up an auto-complete. Select the correct item from the auto-complete list. and then save the page. The page will pull in the teaser title and image (or video) of any page or post set as related or featured content.

Any page or news/media post can be pulled in as related or featured content as long as the teaser section is complete.