Web Editor Training Tutorial Page

This is an example of a basic webpage. It has a banner image, title, summary, and body content with an image.

This webpage is used to help train Pacific University web editors on how to create and edit pages on the pacificu.edu website.

Putting Content on a Page

  • Add the Title
  • Add a brief (150 word) synopsis of the page content in the Summary field
  • Paste content as Plain Text into the document or write new content
  • Use the built-in body editor to format your content
  • Format headers
  • Format bullets
  • Add links
  • Adding photos or video? Check the image and video standards first.

In order to maintain a consistent and professional website, the university follows Pacific University Brand Standards and AP style.

Please proofread the text to make sure it also follows best practices for online writing. You might also check to see if you've considered search engine optimization.

Adding Photos within Text

You will need to open the image properties window by clicking the image button, and browse server to find your uploaded images. You can upload more images by clicking the upload button.Screenshot of the image properties window, with an arrow pointing to the "Browse Server" button

Video Tutorial | Placing Photos within the Content Area

Wait! Before closing out of your new page, make sure you:

  1. Press the "Save" button at the bottom of the page
  2. Check how your page looks on desktop and mobile
  3. If it is a new page, please complete the Website Request Form so it can be placed in a menu.

Contact Us

Pacific University Web Team

Questions about a particular webpage? Please include the URL of the page in your email.

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Starting August 5, 2019 anyone with a PUNet ID will be able to create news/media posts that can be sent out on a variety of newsfeeds throughout the site. Harness this powerful communication tool to share your story on a website viewed by thousands of people.

calendar view on computer

A brand-new online calendar is launching this August with a host of requested features, customization options and a clean visual style. The new calendar will have the functionality of the leading popular third-party platforms with the added benefit of full integration with the Pacific University website.

In recognition of institutional excellence in marketing and communications, Pacific University's website received a Silver Award in the Electronic & Digital Media: Overall Website category for the 2019 CASE District VII Communications awards.