Video Messages

As we teach, learn and work at a distance, video messages can be an important tool in conveying information to large audiences.

Recording a video message is fairly simple. You can use the video recorder on your phone or computer if that’s what you are most familiar with. If you choose this route, please be sure to use a horizontal orientation. The only exception is if you are posting to Instagram only. 

Give MarCom a heads up if you are planning a video message or series by completing the video request form here and selecting "Video Message". That way, we’ll set aside time to process your video quickly.

Try Using Zoom

  • Log into Zoom at
  • In your Zoom preferences, choose Video>Enable HD.
  • Host a new meeting, but don’t invite anyone else.
  • Set yourself up in the frame (see tips below).
  • Hit record.
  • Start talking. Try not to read to your audience. A few misspeaks are OK, especially if you are speaking extemporaneously.
  • When you are finished, hit the same button to end the recording. 
  • End the meeting.
  • You will see a pop-up window indicating that the video file needs to be saved. Choose the save location on your computer and click “OK.”
  • Upload the resulting .mp4 file to Box for sharing.

Setting the Stage

  • Think about your background. Try to make sure it is uncluttered, but not sterile. It’s fine to show a glimpse of your home and work space.
  • Set your camera at eye-level, so that the camera records you face-on.
  • Give yourself some light. Natural light from a window is best, sometimes augmented by a small lamp next to your computer. Make sure the window is in front of or beside you, not behind you. (Backlighting will make your face hard to see.) If you want to go all out, here’s a brief three-minute video that provides some great insights on lighting for Zoom meetings.
  • Dress for the occasion. Pacific colors or gear are always good for a message to students, alumni, employees or friends. Make sure you’re not wearing clothing with words or images that are cut off at the edges of the screen in a way that could be inappropriate.
  • Avoid interruptions. Try to shut pets out of the room for this particular video and avoid other noisy interruptions. EXCEPTION: If you are recording an informal message or a message of comfort and have a cuddly pet, consider having them with you in the video. Introduce your pet as part of your message.

Sharing the Video

  • Once your video file is saved on Box, share it with MarCom. We can trim any rough spots, awkward pauses at the beginning/end, etc. We also will add university branding as appropriate.
  • You can share your final version with people via Box, but it’s a slow and less-than-ideal user experience. We recommend sharing instead on the university’s YouTube channel (videos for a broad audience can be public; those for a targeted audience can be unlisted and made available only to people with the link). MarCom can upload these for you. Do not create new YouTube channels or use a personal YouTube channel for university business.