Saturday Academy at PacificU

Pacific University is partnering with Saturday Academy to offer a series of workshops and camps for youth this summer on our campuses. Most day camps take place on the Forest Grove Campus and are led by Pacific University faculty members in the fields of their expertise! Club Med West, meanwhile, is a chance to learn what it’s like to work in the health professions — while spending a week in the midst of our College of Health Professions facilities on the Hillsboro Campus.

All registration, payment, scholarship opportunities and discounts are run through Saturday Academy. Visit to follow your curiosity this summer!

Saturday Academy: Graphic Design Publication Workshop | June 24-28

Learn the basics of graphic design while creating and circulating your own zine. Led by Pacific faculty member Emily Coats, for grades 9-12. More Information

Saturday Academy: TinkerLab | June 24-28, July 8-12

Become a maker! Exercise your creativity and explore a wide range of tools and techniques including the 3D printer, CNC router, computer‐aided design (CAD), electronic circuit design, dying fabric and weaving. Led by Pacific faculty member Andrew Dawes, for grades 3-8. More Information

Saturday Academy: Intro to Astronomy | June 24-28

Are we alone in the universe? Explore stars, planets, galaxies and learn to navigate the night sky. Weigh the evidence for whether we’re alone in the universe. Led by Pacific faculty member Todd Duncan, for grades 8-12. More Information

Saturday Academy: Phonetics & Dialects for the Actor | June 24-28

Build a foundation of healthy vocal expression; learn the International Phonetic Alphabet as a common way to communicate specific sounds across all spoken languages; and learn and practice at least three stage dialects. Led by Pacific faculty member Ellen Margolis, for grades 10-12. More Information

Saturday Academy: The Art of the Short Play | June 24-28

Calling all aspiring playwrights! Get to know several distinctive 10‐minute plays, then proceed to your own writing informed by the styles and structures of those we have read. Led by Pacific faculty member Ellen Margolis, for grades 10-12. More Information

Saturday Academy: Digital Videomaking | July 8-12

Tell a story in film! Spend the week telling a story in film! Learn the language of film by writing, filming and editing a short film in small groups. Led by Pacific alumna Iris Young, for grades 9-12. More Information

Saturday Academy: Club Med West | July 29-Aug. 2

Explore what it’s like to be a physician, pharmacist, ophthalmologist or medical researcher. This action-packed week includes hands‐on workshops such as how to take vital signs, suture, conduct physical exams or work in a dental and eye lab. This camp takes place at Pacific’s Hillsboro Campus, for grades 9-12. More Information