Photos & Live Video | August Commencement

Pacific University documents each commencement ceremony with professional photographers and a live video feed.

Live Video Feed

Not able to travel to Forest Grove? Pacific University streams the May Commencement Ceremony live online.


All commencement ceremonies are recorded. The live feed also includes captioning of the ceremony. Guests that are hearing-impaired or would benefit from watching the live video feed with captioning are encouraged to bring a smart-phone or tablet to watch the live feed during the ceremony in the stadium.  A live video-feed can also be watched in the gym during the ceremony.

Taking Photos at Commencement

Audience members are welcome to take stills and videos from their seats. They will not allowed to approach the stage or stand in the area where graduates exit the stage. For safety reasons, all aisles must be kept clear. The official professional photographer from Grad Images will capture graduates receiving their diploma and coming off the stage.

After the ceremony, graduates often take photos in front of their favorite landmarks on the Forest Grove Campus.

Professional Photography

Photos from past commencements taken by Pacific University's photographers are available online. At least one university photographer attends commencement.


A professional photographer from Grad Images photographs each student receiving their diploma from President Hallick. To view or order your photo, please visit Grad Images' Pacific University page or call 1-800-261-2576.