2017 Physical Therapy Day of Service

The Physical Therapy Day of Service (PTDOS) began a few years ago as an idea from two physical therapists who envisioned a collaboration of physical therapists across the country for a day of service to their communities. This vision has rapidly grown into a worldwide tradition that has expanded from just one day to one week, with physical therapists from all 50 states and over 40 countries participating. This year, Pacific University physical therapy students supported the cause at three local events

On October 12, 7 students participated in the PTDOS put on by the Oregon Physical Therapy Association in conjunction with Night Strike, and organization in Portland that works to connect with and serve homeless individuals in the community. Pacific students served the homeless in various capacities under the Burnside Bridge and also passed out sandwiches, juice, and socks to individuals camping around the downtown area. Students were specifically encouraged by the positive interactions they had with the individuals they served. Additionally, students from the School of Physical therapy also collected and donated food items and clothing to Nightstrike for distribution at the event.

On October 14, students made a positive impact on the local Hillsboro community by volunteering with Community Action, a non-profit organization that assists residents of Washington County in need.  One of Community Action’s main programs is running the Hillsboro Family Shelter, which houses up to six families simultaneously for up to 5 weeks. Staff at the shelter assist families experiencing financial hardship with developing plans for long-term housing and stability. In addition to providing temporary housing accommodations, the shelter seeks to ease the anxiety that children may encounter as a result of lacking permanent housing through its large playground, playroom, and sensory room. Pacific PT students came together to assist the shelter in repainting the porch and hand railings of the shelter, cleaning and disinfecting the children’s toys and sensory room, and building two “Buddy Benches” for reminding the children of the importance of inclusion.

On October 19, Pacific University students came together with other students from across the country to host a Special Olympics Jamboree in conjunction with the 2017 APTA National Student Conclave. Special Olympic Athletes, their parents, and their coaches attended this exciting event, and our PT students helped to support and encourage athletes.  Students also educated parents and coaches on improving each athlete’s health and on injury prevention strategies.

As a Bronze Sponsor, we hope that supporting PTDOS will become an annual tradition.

Pictured, right is Dr. Evan Liu (’15) with first and second year DPT students at Community Action.

Nov. 20, 2017