2019 Physical Therapy Program Scholarship Awardees

The Physical Therapy Program would like to congratulate the following scholarship awardees, who were selected based on a variety of criteria including professional involvement, leadership endeavors, community service, and academic and clinical standing, among others. We would also like to thank our Awards Committee (Dr. Brian Wilkinson [Chair], Dr. Sheryl Sanders and Dr. Erin Bompiani), who had the arduous task of reviewing dozens of very impressive applications.

2019 DPT Scholarship Awardees

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Karen Mitchell-Douglas Scholarship Awardee
Jason Stanley, Class of 2020

Eleanor Bendler Scholarship Awardee 
Zoe Morris, Class of 2020

Dr. Daiva Banatis Scholarship Awardee 
Mark Penewit, Class of 2020

Lellelid Scholarship Awardees 
Rachel Herron, Class of 2020 
Ryann Lewis, Class of 2020

Olson Scholarship Awardees
Jaylen Wilson, Class of 2020 
Hope Whitman, Class of 2020

Dr. Jean Baldwin Scholarship Awardee
Tiffany Kugiya, Class of 2021

Pictured above | Top row (from left to right): Tiffany Kugiya '21, Ryann Lewis '20, Rachel Herron '20, Zoe Morris '20, and Hope Whitman '20. Bottom row: Mark Penewit '20, Jason Stanley '20, Jaylen Wilson '20, and Dr. Brian Wilkinson (Chair of the Awards Committee).

Monday, May 20, 2019