Activities | Children and Teens

Quarantine can be tough on young people who miss doing things with their friends. Here are some ideas that can help engage them. Consider which are most appropriate to their ages and interests.


Conduct a treasure hunt

Play bingo.

Play games, whether cards, charades or board games.


Bake, make soup or another simple meal.

Have an indoor (or outdoor) picnic

Stories: Read them. Listen to them. Create them.

Write and perform a play.

Write a journal.

Draw with chalk.

Make art. Anyone can paint.


Make video calls.

Play games, whether cards, charades or board games.

Practice meditation. Not only does it help occupy the mind, it provides a way to deal with uncomfortable times.

Plant plants. All that's needed is soil and seeds, or starts.

Bird watch: Identify and list the birds that appear during the course of a day.

Take virtual tours. Is there a state you'd like to visit? A country? A continent?


Learn and practice a language, even if it's just counting to 10.

Learn an instrument. It's empowering to be able to create music, even just a few notes.


Thursday, April 16, 2020