Activities | Children and Teens

Creative ways to keep your children engaged while they spend more time at home.


Conduct a treasure hunt.

Play bingo.

Play games, including cards, charades or board games.


Bake, make soup or prepare a simple meal.

Have an indoor or outdoor picnic.

Stories: Read them. Listen to them. Invent them.

Write and perform a play.

Keep a journal.

Draw with chalk.

Make art.


Practice meditation. Not only does it help occupy the mind, it provides a way to deal with uncomfortable times.

Plant plants. All that's needed is soil and seeds or starts.

Make video calls.

Bird watch: Identify and list the birds that appear during the course of a day.

Take virtual tours. Is there a state you'd like to visit? A country? A continent?


Learn and practice a language, even if it's just counting to 10.

Learn an instrument. It's empowering to be able to create music, even just a few notes.


Thursday, April 16, 2020