Alexandra Hays '22 Named Undergraduate Valedictorian

Alex HaysAlexandra Hays '22 is Pacific University's valedictorian for the Class of 2022.

Hays pursued her love of chemistry, both academically and as president of the university Chemistry Club. She's also heavily involved with the Outdoor Pursuits program, where she is "a rock star," according to Justin Hall of Outdoor Pursuits. Added Outdoor Pursuits' Phil Friesen: "When Alex puts her mind to something she is one the most dedicated, hardworking, and tenacious human beings I have ever met.  Often this level of drive interferes with relationships, but Alex has an incredible ability to care about others and understand them even while she works towards a difficult goal. It is her ability to strive valiantly toward her dreams while maintaining her compassion for others that has been such a gift to all of us." 

Hays studied abroad in Perth, Australia, for both spring and fall semesters of 2020. She will return to Pacific this fall for another semester of courses and then hopes to work in Australia for a few months before beginning dental school. 

"While she is most certainly an intelligent, creative, resourceful, and generally remarkable student and scholar, she has truly distinguished herself through her service and collaboration with others in our university community," said Dave Cordes, Hays' academic advisor. "Alex has been outstanding in her dedication to the people she has worked with: fellow students in class, her research team in the chemistry lab, peers in the pre-Dental and Chemistry Clubs, which she has led, and with her fellow adventurers at Outdoor Pursuits."

Monday, May 23, 2022