Announcing Our New Electronic Timecard System

Dear Valued Team Member,

We are very pleased that effective July 11, 2016, the university will begin utilizing an electronic timekeeping system that will replace the current paper time card system for all staff.

The change is intended to make the timekeeping process easier for all employees, including supervisors. A user-friendly system, Kronos Workforce Timekeeper, will improve payroll processing efficiency and provide employees and supervisors with up-to-date information about hours worked and available leave balances. Employees will no longer need to fax, email or hand-deliver time cards. Instead, a user-friendly online system is what most of you will use.

Those of you who supervise other employees have already received this background information, including some of you who attended a training session on how to use the Kronos Timekeeper system for yourself and how to monitor and approve your employees' time cards.

Over the next week, supervisors and managers who have been trained will provide training for other supervisors within their respective departments.

For staff who do not supervise other employees, Human Resources has developed several resources to assist you in learning how to use the system, including scheduled training sessions June 28-30 and July 5-7. Staff invited to these training sessions will receive invitations within the next several business days.

Additionally, a quick start guide and other Kronos reference materials are available online. As always, our Human Resources staff can be reached at 503-352-2210 if you need further assistance.

On Monday, July 11, the Kronos Workforce Timekeeper system will go live for hourly staff employees to record the time you start and end your workdays.

Salaried employees will also begin using the system on July 11 to record your leave, including sick days, vacation time and floating holidays. You no longer need to record days that you do work as a salaried employee. After Kronos is live on July 11, salaried employees must record any time off taken during the first 10 days of July.

IMPORTANT: Beginning with these payroll periods, paper timecards for staff employees will no longer be accepted by Human Resources. Staff employees must use the Kronos Timekeeper system. Eventually, the system will also replace the paper time card system currently used for student workers. Implementation of Kronos for student workers is expected to occur in early August.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation as we transition to this exciting new process.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016