Because You Give | 'It Was the Perfect Fit'

Miles Jackson '20 decided to attend Pacific University after falling in love with the campus and its atmosphere during a high school visit to Forest Grove.

“It was the perfect fit,” Jackson said.

Now pursuing a major in economics and double minor in sociology and psychology, Jackson could not be more thankful for the opportunity Pacific has provided him — opportunities that would not be available if not for scholarships and financial aid.

“It is a huge help financially,” Jackson said. “College nowadays can be pretty pricey, but Pacific definitely helps make it as easy as they can.”

For Jackson, one of the best parts about attending Pacific is the strong support system that the professors offer.

“They are more than willing to spend their office hours chatting to you about anything from coursework to family troubles,” Jackson said. “It helped make Pacific feel like more of a home than just a school.”

Jackson hopes to someday work for a company like Nike, and he looks forward to life in the “real world,” a life he feels Pacific is preparing him well for.

“One of the best parts about Pacific is the people,” Jackson said. “The people who chose to attend this school are really friendly and open minded. It’s a great place to call your home.”

When you make a gift to Pacific University, you are supporting educational experiences for students like Miles. 

Friday, March 10, 2017