Become a Wellness Educator

Do you want to become a wellness educator through our three-step leadership program?

Start by signing up for CIV 255 Advocacy & Prevention, a January term course.

CIV 255 Advocacy & Prevention introduces students to a variety of wellness topics related to health education. These topics include alcohol and other drugs, healthy relationship promotion, sexual and relationship violence prevention, stress management and other relevant wellness issues. This course provides opportunities to go into Forest Grove High School and facilitate workshops on healthy relationships, and further prepares students for an active role as a wellness educator.

Next, earn Civic Engagement credits by being a wellness educator during fall term.

To earn Civic Engagement credits, facilitate workshops for your peers. This will help you gain leadership and facilitation skills while building a strong community with your fellow wellness educators. Help with new student orientation to educate incoming students and make a difference on campus. 

Once you have completed the CIV course and Civic Engagement credits, you're eligible for a stipend to facilitate workshops with your peers, all while making a difference in your community as a lead educator!

Nov. 6, 2017