Bede (Lefore) Murphy ’97 Exhibited by City of Hillsboro Cultural Arts Division

Bede (Lefore) Murphy ’97, also known as Catherine Bede, is an artist whose works are being exhibited by the City of Hillsboro (Ore.) Cultural Arts Division. The exhibition will take place through the months of May and June at the Hillsboro Civic Center’s Shirley Huffman Auditorium. Bede has been showcasing her art throughout Washington County, Ore., since 1999. She is the owner and director of the Catherine Bede Gallery in Hillsboro. Established in 2016, the gallery features original fine art and reproductions by local artists working in a range of media and offers classes and workshops. The gallery won the 2017 Best of Hillsboro Award in the art gallery category and is an anchor of Hillsboro’s First Tuesday Art Walk event.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019