Boxer Love Story: Colleen (Couron) Smith '89 and Brent Smith '88

Brent and Colleen met during their first month at Pacific in the fall of 1985.

Brent was a transfer student and Colleen was an older freshman. They shared a major in communications and many classes together. There was always a rivalry between the two of them to see who could get the better grades. Brent was better at writing papers, and Colleen at taking tests. Professor Dave Cassidy could further elaborate on that rivalry. Two classes were created just for them since they were the only two who needed them (called the Pacific Difference in those days).

As Colleen and Brent spent more and more time together, they gained a wonderful friendship. Both dated other people during their time at Pacific. They kept in touch after graduation. In the fall of 1989 they spent some time together and their relationship changed from just friendship to romance.

When they shared with all of their Pacific friends that they were dating, everyone said, “It’s about time!”

“Guess we were the last to know,” said Colleen.

The couple dated long distance from September 1989 until January 1990. At that time they both moved to the Bay Area. They were married in August 1991.

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Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014