Boxer Love Story: Janae Rasmussen '16 & Anthony Zerkel '16

Anthony and Janae met at their freshman orientation dance and clicked instantly. They spent the next few days hanging out between his basketball practices and general chemistry homework sessions until Anthony asked Janae if she wanted to be his girlfriend. 

They have been growing in their love for each other every day since. They both worked as resident assistants (RAs) together for three years while balancing their academic pursuits. They supported each other through difficult work situations like enforcing residence hall policies into the early morning hours of a weekend on-call (unlike most students, RAs do not like exciting weekends). 

They both majored in biology so they took very similar courses. This allowed them to spend more time together and help each other succeed academically and in their extracurricular activities. 

Some of Janae's favorite memories at Pacific University were going to Anthony's basketball games to cheer him on, Anthony supporting her dancing in the lu'au each year, and going for long walks around campus (or at least a walk to get Pac Thai) together. 

After Pacific, they both moved to Seattle for work and on December 7, 2017, Anthony proposed in one of their favorite places (Leavenworth, Wash.). Anthony has always believed in Janae and his steady support has helped her accomplish her dream of getting into medical school in 2018. They are planning their wedding for the summer of 2019 and they hope their friends from Pacific will be able to join them in celebration. 

Janae is incredibly thankful they both chose to attend Pacific, and for the exciting things to come!

Janae and Anthony

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Monday, Feb. 19, 2018