Boxer Love Story: Kaela (Torii) '15 and Scotty Cooper '15

Scotty and KaelaScotty and Kaela's first interaction was in the UC at Pacific University during football season. Scotty was sitting at a table with his football friends when Kaela approached their table.

She said, "You guys live in McCormick right?" 

They responded, "Yes we do." 

She continues, "Okay great, I lost my hamster in my dorm and I need help finding it. But I can't ask the RA's for help because we are not allowed to have pets in the dorms. So have you guys by chance, seen my hamster?" 

Scotty responded with, "What color is it?" Kaela said, "It's gray." 

Scotty said, "Oh no!! I ate your hamster!"

Kaela visibly upset said, "Why would you do that?"

scotty and kaelaScotty giggling to himself said, "I'm just kidding, that is super weird. I didn't eat your hamster." 

Relieved, Kaela said, "Oh, well thank you" and she left their table.

Fast forward a couple months, Kaela officially met Scotty because of their shared Economics class. Kaela found out that Scotty sat in the front of the class and was very gifted in the classroom. She told him that he needed to tutor her and he obliged. This is where Kaela developed romantic feelings for Scotty. He realized it when she made a sign for Scotty at one of his football games that read, "Hey number 48, take me on a date!" 

Eventually he took her on a date and the two developed an amazing relationship. They cultivated a great love with their friendship as the foundation. 

Kaela and Scotty got married in March of 2019 in Orange County, Calif. where they both reside. In attendance they had over 30 alumni from Pacific that came to celebrate with them.

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scotty, kaela and friends

Friday, April 19, 2019