Boxer Love Story: Nathan Labunski '05 and Lindy (Morgan) Labunski, '06

Lindy first met her husband, Nathan Labunski '05, during a Pacific Christian Fellowship barbeque in Trombley Square at the beginning of her junior year (his senior year).

“I was talking to one of my friends when I noticed this guy looking at me from across the square. I had never seen him before, which is strange for Pacific. Even if you don't know everyone, you've at least seen everyone around campus,” said Lindy.

Before she knew it, Nathan was standing right next to her, introducing himself and asking if she would like to go on PCF's annual rafting trip.

“Having grown up rafting, of course I said yes.”

After Nathan signed Lindy up for the trip, he handed her the trip brochure and then told her that he had put his cell phone number on the back, just in case she had any questions.

“When I asked him later, he admitted that he hadn't given anyone else his number ‘just in case,’ that it was just an excuse to give me his number.”

Lindy was so impressed by that “gutsy” move that she called him as soon as the barbeque was over to ask if he would like to go to Coldstone with her and her friends.

After going on a couple of dates and then losing touch for about five months, they were reconnected while walking across campus. It was January and freezing out, but they stood there in front of Marsh Hall talking for over an hour. About a month later, they started seriously dating, and were engaged by June 2005. Nathan and Lindy got married right after she graduated in June 2006.

“We still absolutely love telling the story about how we met,” said Lindy.

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Jan. 30, 2014