Campus Trees Removed for Safety

Pacific University had several diseased birch trees removed from its Forest Grove Campus this week for safety reasons.

Plans are underway to re-landscape the affected areas of campus.

A certified arborist from City Wide Tree Services recommended the removal of the specific trees, which grew between Jefferson and Warner halls and near the University Center, during the campus’s annual tree inspection process.

The trees were approximately 66 years old, surpassing the expected 60-year lifespan for the species, and many were diseased or dead, suffering from root rot. Parts of two of the trees fell earlier this year, causing some damage but no injuries.

The trees, which towered as high as 70 feet, were removed this week, and stump grinding will follow. A landscaping plan is in development to plant more trees on the campus.

The birches that were removed did have sentimental value for many alumni. The trees between Warner and Jefferson halls, specifically, were part of the Alpha Zeta (AZ) Walk, commemorating Pacific University students who served in World War II. A plaque remains near the walkway recognizing those students who died in the war.

Also as follow up to the annual tree inspection, a stand of trees lining the walkway between the University Center and Clark Hall is being thinned to promote more healthy growth.

Jul. 3, 2014