Civic Action Update: Halloween, Light Parade, and More

Happy October, Boxers! 'Tis the season. We're starting to see a lot more seasonal volunteer opportunities for service! Check it out in this week's civic action update from the Tom McCall Center.


  • Oct. 26. Latinos in Action is bringing over 100 local Latinx students to campus and they need your help to make students feel welcome. 
  • Nov. 1-5. Halloween Give & Go. When you take off your Halloween costume and pull down your decorations, don't throw them in the trash! 


  • Nov. 3. The Reluctant Radical (Dinner + Movie) 1minute walk from campus, and feature a post-dinner conversation between the film's director and Prof. Gunderson. 
  • Nov. 17 Deadline. A number of Forest Grove Boards and Commissions are recruiting new members. 
  • Dec. 2: The Forest Grove Light Parade will pass right by campus and they have a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers. Anyone feeling particularly "elfy"?
  • Ongoing. Friends of Trees is starting their 35th planting season. 
  • Ongoing. Centro Cultural's Youth Development Team is seeking paid mentors and tutors! 
  • Ongoing. Project Homeless Connect is actively seeking volunteers to help them with their mission.


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Our Community Opportunities blog helps you find service opportunities that meet your exact needs. You can sort by:

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... and if you have a specific volunteer need (e.g. industry, time-frame, accessibility) that you don’t see here, we encourage you to contact our center so we can support your search.

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The Staff and Students of the MCCE

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Thursday, Oct. 19, 2023